Saturday, March 30, 2013

Video - Menopause Core Exercises

One of the main things you may notice when going through menopause is that you tend to accumulate more fat in the belly region. This is due in part to decreased metabolism (see last week's posts for help with this), and in part to hormone fluctuations. Regular cardio exercise (especially of the interval kind), together with exercises for a strong core can help you keep that flat belly even after menopause. This short video demonstrates three great core exercises that will help build and maintain core strength. They won't take long to do, and can be incorporated into your regular workout routine, or alternated on different days. (See instructions below video for set/rep information.)

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3 Simple Exercises for Toning the Core:

1) Hip Bridge - 20 Reps 2 Sets
2) 1 Leg Static Hip Bridge with Knee Taps - 10 each Leg 2 Sets
3) Reverse Tabletop Crunch ( Slow ) - 20 Reps 2 Sets

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