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Simple Tips to Keep You Safe on Your Run

As a runner you probably spend much of your time thinking about your performance and staying healthy. However, it’s important to also think about your safety too. People, animals, vehicles, and weather conditions can all pose a potential danger. Stay safe with these simple tips.

Road Safety

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1. If you’re running in the road, run against traffic. The cars should be coming toward you, not passing you from behind.
2. Run on the shoulder, not in the road. If there is no shoulder or a narrow shoulder, be ready to jump off the road when cars pass. Don’t expect cars to go around you. Some drivers just aren’t paying attention. Don’t assume they are. Your life is on the line.
3. If you’re running at dawn or dusk or even on cloudy days consider running with a reflective safety vest on. It helps drivers see you.
4. Watch where you’re running, one stumble or fall and you are out of sight and in potential danger.
5. Try to run on trails and sidewalks instead of in the road whenever possible.

Personal Safety

6. Run with emergency contact information on your person. Use a road ID bracelet, necklace, or your cell phone with your emergency contact information listed.
7. Don’t run in isolated places or dimly lit places. Predators like these places too.
8. Run with a buddy whenever possible.
9. Tell someone where you’re going and how long you’re going to be gone before you run.
10. Carry pepper spray or mace with you if you run by yourself or on trails where you might encounter animals.
11. Turn the volume down on your MP3 player. You want to be able to hear cars, people, bikes and animals around you.
12. Watch where you’re running. Pay attention to where you’re going so you don’t trip, twist an ankle or injure yourself.

Health Safety

13. Warm your muscles up before you run and stretch after you run to keep your muscles limber and ready to work.
14. Stay hydrated. Run with a water bottle or hydration equipment if you’re going to be running for longer than thirty minutes.
15. Bring easy to consume foods if you’re going to be running for more than an hour. Sports gels are a simple solution.

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Weather Safety

16. Nothing adds more risk to your run than ice. And yet, you don’t want to stay inside for the entire winter. Traction devices that strap to the bottom of your shoes or screw into the bottom of your shoes make it easier, and safer, to run on ice.
17. Arm/leg warmers. Arm and leg warmers can be worn during the beginning of your run and pushed aside when your body warms up. This prevents you from getting chilled or overheating.
18. Layer your clothing to stay warm during the cold months.
19. Wear sunscreen and a hat to protect your skin from sunburn during the warm summer months.
20. Don’t run when it’s too cold or too hot. Subzero temperatures can be dangerous and so can days that are too hot. Heat stroke can kill.

Running is a wonderful way to get and stay in shape. It helps boost your metabolism, get better sleep, and it reduces stress. Just remember to stay safe when you’re running.

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