Thursday, May 16, 2013

Video - Couch Potato Quickie Workout

This short video demonstrates a number of exercises you can do while watching your favorite TV show. Incorporating both strength and cardio, this total body workout can be done during commercial breaks, or while watching the show. And you don't HAVE to stay on the couch the whole time -  you can certainly do regular jumping jacks for the length of one commercial (or a whole commercial break if you're gung-ho), but the versions shown here are all low-impact, which is easier if you have joint problems or are out of shape.

Keep in mind that if you have a softer couch, you may need to move to the floor for some of the exercises. Doing some of these without the proper support (for example the leg lifts) can be difficult or even cause injury, so be aware of this, and if you don't have as firm a couch as shown in the video, just scoot onto the floor to do these.

Have fun, and get fit!

Couch Potato Total-Body Quickie Workout w/ Laurel House
Don't just sit there watching TV... workout! Yes you can multitasking your favorite shows by moving your body, burning massive amounts of calories and gettin...

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