Saturday, July 21, 2012

Video - 10-Minute Post-Pregnancy Workout

Here is a helpful video demonstrating a quick post-pregnancy workout that can help you start getting back in shape once you are ready. This incorporates cardio, strength, and flexibility into one 10-minute workout. Be sure to consult your doctor before doing this or any other workout after having a baby - pay attention to her instruction on this at the start of the video. See below video for some more after-baby workouts.

Remember to start slow and easy, and gradually advance as your body recovers. In terms of this workout, you can modify the exercises by taking smaller steps, not squatting as deep, etc. Don't overdo it, but this simple workout can help you start getting fit again and drop those extra post-pregnancy pounds.

Post Pregnancy Workout - Get Back In Shape After Childbirth ♦ Post Pregnancy exercises

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