Saturday, July 28, 2012

Video - Total Body Isometric Workout

This is an example of a workout which uses isometric (static) positions, combined with some dynamic movement as well, to put your muscles and joints through their full range of motion. This type of workout is very effective at strengthening your muscles quickly. (Please note: If you have any back problems at all, skip the sit-up portion - sit-ups are very hard on your back, and not that effective anyway - I don't even know why they were included here. The isometric version is fine though, so feel free to throw that one in a couple of times - just don't pull yourself all the way up from the ground - start out in the half-way position as he demonstrates first. You can also keep your knees bent to put less stress on the lower back.)

Total Body Isometric Workout
Total Body Isometric Workout We're doing Isometric training this week because we want to build up your resistence strength. Isometric training could also be described as endurance or resistence but it is basically strength tr...

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