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Review: Slendertone Flex Pro Abdominal Muscle Toner

The Slendertone Flex Pro is one of the latest electronic abdominal training devices to hit the shelves, and you may know someone who has this product on their Christmas "wish list"! These devices have been around for some time now, but their popularity keeps on going strong. This device isn’t trying to do anything new, it’s just trying to do everything better than the existing alternatives. So how does it manage? Let’s find out if it's worth purchasing as a gift for someone - or just yourself.

Key Features Of The Slendertone Flex Pro Muscle Toner

RRP: $100.00
Product Dimensions: 12 x 8.1 x 3.6 inches
Weight: 1.2 lbs
Waist Range: 24 - 47 inches
Built in Programs: 7 (99 resistance levels)

Slendertone Flex Pro Muscle Toner: The Pros

Designed To Work On All Ab Groups: While most of us think of the abs as the muscles that make up the six-pack on the front of the torso, they are actually more than that. The abs are comprised of 4 major muscle groups that include the rectus abdominis (the muscles that make up the six pack), the transverse abdominal muscles, the internal obliques and the external obliques.

This product is designed to work on not only the six pack muscles, but all of the muscle groups that make up your core, creating a tighter and firmer body. It’s important not to ignore the other muscles as they’re just as important for your health (and appearance) as the main rectus abdominis group.

No Effort Required: If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to train your abs without having to dedicate your time to it, then this is a great product. By electronically stimulating your muscles they are forced to contract and release without you even thinking about it.

Whether you’re working or just walking to the shops, you can wear the Slendertone underneath your clothes to train your abs. This means you don’t have to spend so much of your free time exercising, as you’ll be doing some of the physical work while you’re doing other things.

Fits Many Sizes: This trainer is designed for men with waists from 24 inches to 47 inches in size (also available in a women's version). So no matter what your size, you’ll almost certainly be able to make use of the Slendertone. And that means that it doesn’t matter how big you are, you can always get the abs that you’ve dreamed of with a little work and the Slendertone.

99 Intensity Levels: As this device works by electrical stimulation it’s important to have a range of intensity levels, and the Slendertone has 99 of them! That’ll let you get the level just right so that it doesn’t cause you any discomfort, but also so that it doesn’t overstimulate your abs. It’s important to start slow if you’re not used to abdominal workouts, otherwise you can hurt yourself (just as if you were doing situps).

Light Weight: As well as fitting all body types, the Slendertone is a light weight device. That makes it suitable for use anytime and anywhere. Just wear in underneath your usual clothes and go about your business – you’ll be working on your abs without even knowing it.

Time Saver: One of the best things about the Slendertone is that it can be a great time saver. As you can use it while doing other things, you don’t have to set aside so much time to concentrate purely on exercise without doing anything else. Just slip it on under your work clothes and use it throughout the day.

Great Home Workout Solution: If you struggle to get to the gym on a regular basis and have decided to work out from home instead then this is a great option. Because it’s so easy to use it’s easy to stay motivated, and you can combine it with your regular workout to achieve effects even faster than usual.

Slendertone Flex Pro Muscle Toner: The Cons

Won’t Make You Lose Weight: Although the Slendertone will work on your abs without you having to put any serious effort it, you’ll have to work on weight loss for yourself. No amount of abdominal training can make you lose enough body fat for your abs to show, or for you to get into a healthy condition. So if you’re primarily looking for a way to lose weight, you should look elsewhere.

Poor Manual: The manual that’s included with the device is not very detailed. It does give you clear instructions on what sort of intensity levels to work at, but if you’re looking for information on how to incorporate this into a workout routine you can forget it.

Belt Not Moveable When Switched On: This is more of a warning than a true negative, but as the belt is electronically charged you shouldn’t try and move the electrodes while they’re active. They can give you a fairly painful shock that you’d be better off avoiding.

A Supplementary Device: If you’re looking to get great abs, you shouldn’t see this as a primary device that gets rid of the need for any work. Ideally you should do your own abdominal workout routine, and use this as a post-workout supplement to push your muscles further than you could during the actual workout. Then you’ll see really fast improvements that can’t be beaten any other way.

Is The Slendertone Flex Pro Muscle Toner Worth Buying?

The Slendertone Flex Pro Muscle Toner isn’t going to give all those who are too lazy to set themselves a strict diet or do a bit of exercise an easy get-out. But it’s a great addition to a training program, and can even be used without other forms of exercise to improve the abdominal tone. This is a good all-round product for those who are already trying to get their abs in shape but aren’t having much luck.

The Slendertone Flex Pro is available on Amazon.com and other online retailers.

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