Tuesday, June 23, 2015

How Can You Get Six-Pack Abs This Summer?

Everyone wants those defined, six-pack abs, especially come summertime when you can really show them off! With ladies in their bikinis and crop tops, and guys shirtless on the beach, looking great is taken to a whole new level of pressure. But how can you get that awesome six-pack for yourself? You might be looking for an easier answer, but it all starts with consistency and willpower.

Obtaining six-pack abs comes down to the usual diet and exercise, but understanding the specifics is what will make the difference between trying for six-pack abs and actually getting them.

Eat Correctly

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1. Eat Clean - The key to a healthy diet that is effective for dropping excess weight and trimming fat is eating “clean”. This means avoiding processed foods, fast foods, and other foods that are high in processed carbs and sugars, artificial ingredients, and other chemicals. Instead, focus on eating an all-natural diet that focuses on plenty of fresh produce, whole foods, and healthy, clean protein sources. (If you eat meat, it should always be grass fed/pasture raised.)

2. Eat Enough - Many people consider diets to be all about minimizing food intake, but that is simply not the case for healthy and effective diets. When your body feels deprived for a period of time, it may go into "starvation mode," lowering your metabolism and storing fat - which is the exact opposite of what you want! Start thinking about the word “diet” in a different way, one which simply means eating better for a healthier lifestyle. You should always eat enough calories to feed your body so that you have enough energy and fuel to keep your body healthy.

3. Go Plant-Based - Eating a mostly raw, plant-based diet has shown to be extremely effective for weight loss and healthy lifestyles of all types. This is a great diet to explore for anyone that is looking to trim excess belly fat and make room for those cut abs. However, for some people, this diet is too extreme, and may even cause deficiencies and other health problems. For many, the plant-based diet is best used as a short-term cleanse - think 30 days or so. This should be enough to cleanse and detoxify your body, and help you shed some of that stubborn fat too, without depriving your body of needed nutrients.

4. Stay Hydrated - Drinking enough water and fluids is an important part of any diet. You want to keep those muscles hydrated, and help your body release the toxins that are stored in the fat you're losing. Your body needs plenty of water to do this, especially during hot weather.

Exercise Right

1. Consistency Is Key - When you are looking to trim fat and define muscles, remember that consistency with your exercises is the most important factor. After all, you can't just do one workout and expect it to work. You need to target particular muscle groups with each workout and repeat these exercises on a consistent basis.

2. Keep Up With Cardio - To get those six pack abs, you cannot just rely on crunches alone. Cardio workouts are an important part of any exercise regimen, especially because they help you burn excess fat. Some experts report that cardio intervals, with periods of rest in between, boost your metabolism more and burn more fat than steady-state cardio, so you may want to try this. As your abdominals get stronger, you may notice that you use them more during your cardio workouts, too.

3. Core Strengthening - Definition starts at your core. This group of muscles, including your abdominals and back muscles, helps maintain your balance and makes your targeted abdominal exercises exponentially more effective. Many special core exercises, like planking and v-sit exercises, are also more effective for defined abs than plain standard crunches.

4. The Right Workouts - As mentioned before, getting six-pack abs isn't just about crunches. In fact, you will need many targeted exercises to reach all of the different parts of your abdominal muscles to achieve six-pack abs. These targeted exercises combined with cardio and core strengthening workouts are what will make those six-pack abs happen.

If you follow these key fundamentals and stay motivated to follow through, it can be possible to obtain those coveted six-pack abs. Just imagine how good you will look poolside or walking along the beach this summer, and how positively great you will feel!

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