Saturday, August 4, 2012

4 Tips For A Good Run

Let’s face it; some runs are better than others. Often, the key to a good run is a good attitude and the right equipment. The good attitude is up to you. One way to ensure you have a good mental running attitude is to relax. Remember why you are running and focus on enjoying the experience. Every run doesn’t need to have a purpose.

To make the most of it, here are a few tips to help you make sure you’re ready for your run:

1. Weather Conditions

Is it sunny out? Wear sunscreen. Sunglasses and/or a sun visor are helpful too. If it’s cold out, make sure you have a hat and gloves. A jacket and tights aren’t always necessary. However, if you get chilled easily, consider taking along a light jacket.

Is it raining? Consider bringing a pair of dry socks. Wet socks can cause blisters. If you need to stop and change your socks, a dry pair in your pocket is nice.

2. Personal Comfort

An example of an ankle sock
Running socks. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Sweat dripping into your eyes is distracting, painful, and easily prevented. Wear a hat with an absorbent rim; they make baseball hats and visors for runners with an absorbent band. Sunglasses that slide down your nose are uncomfortable too. A hat can keep the sun out of your eyes.

Find socks that don’t cause blisters. Every runner has their favorite brand or material. Thin wool running socks are great for wicking away moisture.

3. Gear and Gadgets

Many people enjoy running to music. If you carry an MP3 player make sure it is charged and positioned comfortably on your body. If you run with a water bottle make sure it suits your running style. Hand held bottles can get sweaty and your hand can cramp. Waist holders can restrict your digestion and breathing.

4. Safety

Make sure someone knows where you’re going and how long you’ll be gone. Additionally, make sure you have emergency contact information with you. A Road ID or other identification works well. If you’re running in the dark or at dawn or dusk, make sure you have reflective clothing on and are running in a low traffic area.

If you’re running on trails or by yourself consider taking a small pepper spray or mace with you. You never know when you’ll need it.

When you return from each run, jot the information down in your running journal. Track mileage and pace as well as any issues you had with gear or fitness. Tracking this information can help you continue to have successful runs.
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