Saturday, December 22, 2012

Video - 30-Minute Essential Pilates Mat Workout

This 30-minute Pilates mat workout offers a great challenge for your core and your entire body. The instructor demonstrates and describes correct technique and breathing for each movement, and keeps a good pace throughout. This is a fairly challenging intermediate-level workout, but is also a good refresher for those more advanced students, and may be appropriate for beginners as well if you are already in pretty good shape.

Check it out, and enjoy this fun Pilates mat workout over and over - after a few weeks, you should really see a difference in your core strength!

We'll be taking next week off to spend the holidays with our families, but be sure to check back for the New Year to start 2013 off right with some new fun ways to exercise! Have a wonderful, safe, and fit holiday season.

Pilates Essentials, FULL 30 Minute exercise video - eFit30
Full 30 minute Pilates routine. Try this after the beginners routine. There are more free workouts here on our channel for your help! Kilocalorie...

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