Saturday, January 26, 2013

Video: Yoga Exercises for Arthritis - Shoulders & Back

This video gives some gentle and helpful yoga exercises for easing arthritis pain and improving flexibility and range of motion for your shoulders and back. Doing these regularly can really help restore function and mobility for those with back and shoulder issues. (I don't have arthritis, but I do have a lot of stiffness in these areas, and these exercises feel great!)  Be sure to work at your own level, and don't strain or push yourself beyond where your body wants to go. She shows some modifications for those with limited mobility.

(Note: You may want to adjust your speakers - this one's a little on the quiet side.)

Yoga for Arthritis: The Shoulders and Back (Part 1)
The first 'Yoga for Arthritis' back sequence. Follow the stretches in the seated Cat Pose move to build and maintain mobility in an arthritic, sore, or stiff back. The shoulder poses are good for anyone with arthritis in the shoulder joints, or previ...

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