Thursday, July 18, 2013

Video: Fun Carmen Electra Dance Workout

Okay okay, so this is pretty cheesy, but it's super fun to do with friends!  I never had so much fun doing a cheesy workout routine than I did with this one when I had roomates. One of them had this set, and several of us girls did the workouts together several times. We may have gotten more exercise laughing than we did doing the actual workout, but hey, that counts too! :-)

It's a beginner-level workout so should be pretty easy for just about anyone to follow along. I was totally new to workout videos at the time, and didn't really have a problem following the moves. This is the full workout, so it's a bit longer, but you can just do segments of it if you wish, or go for the whole thing - grab a couple of friends, get moving, and have some fun! 

Carmen Electra Disc 1 Advanced Aerobic Striptease - Full Movie
Carmen Electra Disc 1 Advanced Aerobic Striptease - Full Movie.

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