Thursday, July 11, 2013

Video: Fast, Fun Cardio Dance Workout

It's hard not to have fun when you're dancing - so what better way to get a good workout than a fast, fun dance routine? This "cardio house party" dance workout gives you a great cardio workout in under 20 minutes. They go pretty fast but most of the moves are pretty basic. Once you get the hang of it, it's a lot of fun - moving your body feels great, and you get to throw your own personality into it.  Mambo and other dance moves are combined with some aerobic dance steps to form a fast-moving fun workout that you can do whenever you have a few minutes and want to get that blood pumping!

Check it out, and have fun!

Burn Fat Fast: Cardio Workout
Mambo your metabolism into high gear and burn fat with this 20-minute dance workout. It is sure to burn calories as you twist and shake your body slim.

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