Thursday, February 6, 2014

Video: Kundalini Yoga Breath of Fire

I wanted to post an example of a Kundalini yoga workout from Ana Brett & Ravi Singh for you this week, but I'm sorry I was unable to find a free one anywhere.... So this week instead of a workout, I'm sharing with you this instructional clip on how to do the "Breath of Fire" - an important form of breathing used during many Kundalini yoga sessions.

This unique form of breathing detoxifies the body, supports the immune system, raises the heart rate, and tones the midsection. It may be a bit challenging at first. Stick with it, and practice it when instructed during any of the Kundalini yoga routines by Ravi and Ana. It WILL get easier, and you may even come to love it like I do!

Kundalini Yoga Breath of Fire Primer
Author of #1 bestselling yoga and fitness DVDs on present a breath of fire primer.

For some excellent Kundalini Yoga DVDs check out the suggestions below:

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