Thursday, April 17, 2014

Video: 8-Minute Daily Tai Chi Exercise Series

This short video demonstrates some basic Tai Chi movements that stretch and strengthen, improve balance, and stimulate brain and heart function. They are very gentle and flowing movements, and are great for seniors, stress relief, or just loosening up tight muscles after a long day of work, or to increase energy throughout the body to start off the day. His instruction is clear and simple, helping you understand exactly how to perform each movement.

Obviously this is different from most of our hard-hitting weekly workouts, but it is equally helpful to include this type of movement into your daily exercise routine! Tai Chi helps build holistic health throughout the whole body.

Note: If the video does not appear below, click the link to view.

Daily Tai Chi - join in this 8-minute exercise presents an 8-minute "Easy Tai Chi" to do daily. Join in with Don Fiore and see how you feel afterwards. Great for a senior fitness routine and home workout. Helps with balance, coordination, circulation, and strengthening bones and muscles. The movements come from our "Easy TaiChi-Qigong" DVD that can be ordered on - a website for Holistic Health Tips and Exercises.

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