Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Review: Valeo Medicine Ball

A medicine ball is a classic tool for improving strength and coordination, and the Valeo Medicine Ball is a wonderful update on this classic. This ball looks sleek and modern and comes in a wide variety of weights to meet your needs.

Some medicine balls are actually soft. While this works for some exercise routines, many people find that a harder ball is better and provides for more flexibility. Especially if you’re doing a home workout such as P90X, you’ll want a firm ball.

This medicine ball comes in five different weights ranging from 2 pounds to 10 pounds. Each weight is brightly colored in a different shade so that you can quickly tell them apart when you’re working out. The 2 pound ball is yellow, the 4 pound ball is purple, the 6 pound ball is aqua, the 8 pound ball is pink, and the 10 pound ball is black. All of the colors are bright and easy to differentiate.

The finish of the ball is textured so that it’s easy to grip when you toss it and catch it. The ball is made from rubber so it can actually bounce off of hard surfaces rather than banging into them and causing damage. The bounce also allows you to keep momentum going from exercises that require tossing.

Medicine balls are particularly good for helping to improve core strength. You can use them for a wide variety of activities including lunges, squats, deadlift, jumping, push-ups, chest toss, and shoulder press. But if you need some help determining what to do with the ball, you’ll be happy with the included exercise chart. This wall chart helps you to know what you can do with the ball to enhance your routine.

If you’re ready to improve your strength, particularly your core strength, increase your flexibility, and improve your coordination these medicine balls are a must-have for your home gym.

Some customers have noted that the balls have a strong chemical smell when they come out of the package. What you’re smelling there is the rubber, but the smell will fade after a day or two outside of a box. But customers who have purchased these balls also rave about the easy grip and the high quality. They particularly like that these medicine balls can bounce, increasing the range of possible exercises that can be performed.

 If you want to improve your core strength, the Valeo Medicine Ball is a great choice for your home gym.

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