Thursday, October 23, 2014

Do-Anywhere Resistance Band Workout

This week's workout utilizes resistance bands, which are a fantastic piece of exercise equipment. First, they're cheap, second, they're very light and portable, so you can use them just about anywhere, even when you're traveling, or at the office. And thirdly, they give you a great workout that uses multiple muscle groups at once, similar to free weights. Plus, working out with a giant rubber band is just fun!

Resistance bands are available in a wide variety of lengths and levels of resistance, so you can start out with a lighter band if you're not very fit to start with, and work up to harder bands as you get stronger.

This workout can be done anywhere, and is scalable for all abilities and fitness levels. You can do it outside, inside, in the break room at work, in your backyard, or in a hotel room. Pick a place you feel comfortable, and let's work out!

Click Here for the Do-Anywhere Full-Body Resistance Band Workout

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