Thursday, October 2, 2014

Video: 20-Minute High-Intensity Interval Fat Loss Workout

This week's workout is a short high-intensity interval cardio workout, which will get your body burning fat quickly, and boost your metabolism for extended calorie burn.

The workout consists of a 5-minute warm up, a 10-minute interval routine, and a 5-minute cool down, so you should be able to fit it into your busy schedule with no problem! Each exercise is only done for 20-30 seconds, with rest intervals in between, so your mind and your body don't get bored, and no equipment is necessary.

If you would like to add music, feel free to play music of your choice - as long as you can hear the instructions to make sure you are using proper form for best results and to minimize your chances of injury.

Now let's get moving and burn some fat!

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