Tuesday, January 12, 2016

How What You Drink Affects Your Weight Loss Goals

What you choose to drink can make a difference in achieving your weight loss goals for your New Year’s resolution. Many drinks contain what is commonly referred to as empty calories. This means they are full of sugar that your body does not need.

Of course, the best way to quench your thirst is always going to be good old water, but there are times when you may want to enjoy something different, participate in sports or exercise routines where you need quick replenishments of vitamins and carbohydrates, or maybe you need an energy drink to get through a long day at work. These are fine, as long as you make wise choices that will not hurt your weight loss goals.

Soda Should be Avoided

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Soda is one beverage that has absolutely no nutritional value. All it has is sugar and carbohydrates that can lead to weight gain, thereby sabotaging your weight loss efforts. As a carbonated drink, even if you decide to drink a diet version, this is still not healthy for you. Much of the carbon can make you bloated due to its high content of sodium; this is something that you don’t need. AND, some studies have shown that the artificial sweeteners in diet drinks have harmful side effects, and can even increase appetite and make you want to eat more - not at all what you want to be doing when you're trying to lose weight! Just stay away from sodas altogether.

The Right Kind of Coffee Can Be Enjoyed

You may love those fancy drinks that you can get at almost every coffee shop around the world. You may think it is just coffee, so there is no harm, but there is. Many of these rich, flavored coffees are full of excess sugar and milk, meaning lots of extra calories.

If you desire a cup of coffee, stick to regular brewed black coffee. If black coffee is not your preference, use a safe sugar substitute and real milk - none of those chemical-filled non-dairy creamers. Coffee is great at providing you energy and is also known to assist weight loss goals as it curbs your appetite, so this is one drink you can enjoy wisely, in moderation.

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Sports Drinks are for Sports

There is a common misconception that, because a drink says it is a “sports drink” that it is healthy. Only a select few of these sports drinks are healthy, and only for those who have participated in a grueling sporting activity or long-distance running. These drinks are not for children to have for lunch, or for you to have just because you are thirsty. A very healthy alternative to sports drinks for the average person is plain water.

Vitamin Drinks Aren't Always Good For Your Goals

Another common misconception among consumers is the selling of popular vitamin drinks. To save you from hurting your weight loss goals, read the label. It is most likely high in sugar and calories. Yes, it has vitamins, but you can simply take a zero calorie vitamin supplement with water and still get your vitamins without the extra calories.

Alcoholic Drinks Only In Moderation

Alcohol is sometimes hard to avoid in social gatherings, so don't beat yourself up about that occasional glass of wine. Alcohol is okay once in a while, in moderation. If you choose alcohol, the least calories are found in hard liquor. If this is not your choice, the next best option is wine (in moderation), or very low-calorie light beers. Avoid fancy drink mixes that are loaded with extra sugar and calories. You can still have your social alcoholic drinks on a weight loss plan, it’s just about controlling the amount and making lower calorie choices.

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