Thursday, February 11, 2016

[Video] 5-Minute High-Intensity Bodyweight Workout

Looking to get in an intense workout super fast? Try this! This high-intensity bodyweight workout requires no equipment (unlike some bodyweight workouts which require bars for pull ups or dips), so you can do it anywhere - but that doesn't mean it's easy!

This fast, intense workout will give you a quick power boost and rev up your metabolism in just 5 minutes, so it's perfect for those days when you don't have time for a long workout. Or you could add this one into the middle of a strength-training workout to get some cardio in. It includes just 3 sets of 4 full-body exercises, done for 20 seconds each.

This one does not include a warmup or a cool down, so you will want to make sure to add those on your own.

If you want to burn almost 100 calories in just 5 minutes, this is a great workout for you!

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