Thursday, February 18, 2016

[Video] Hardcore Kettlebell Bodyweight Workout

In this installment of Warrior Workout Wednesday, fitness guru Tyler Bramlett shows you a hard hitting cardio/conditioning workout that will work your body from head to toe using nothing but a pull-up bar and a kettle bell or dumbbell - in just 10 minutes!

This is a progressive workout, so you will increase the number of reps in each set - believe me - by the time you're done you will be burning!

*** Please note that this is an intense workout, so be careful, and pay close attention to proper form! If you are starting out with very little upper body strength, start with a lower weight kettlebell - 10 or even 5 lbs. You should always consult your physician before beginning any new exercise routine, especially if you are starting at a low level of fitness.

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