Thursday, February 25, 2016

[Video] 10-Minute Fat-Blasting HIIT Bodyweight Workout

If you're ready to burn some fat and improve your fitness in just 10 minutes, join Brad Gouthro in this episode of LiveLeanTV for an awesome fat-blasting high-intensity workout. This is a bodyweight workout, so no equipment is needed, and you can do it just about anywhere!

This is done in true HIIT format, with 30 seconds of work, and 30 seconds of rest between each exercise to boost your metabolism and fat-burning potential. You will need a timer or stop watch, or just follow his cues for each exercise and rest period. You won't believe what a great workout you can get in just 10 minutes!

* This is an intense workout, so watch it through once first to make sure you are ready for it, and follow the beginner modifications if necessary. Be sure to pay attention to proper form throughout the workout. Keep your weight back during any squatting movements, so your knees never pass in front of your toes. 


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