Tuesday, March 1, 2016

How to Build Maximum Muscle Mass Without Lifting Weights

Lifting weights is the way that most men and women try to build muscle. But lifting weights is the hardest and longest route to take when your goal is muscle building.

It's also not always effective if you're not doing the right workout according to your body type. It's not the same for men and women because their bodies are different.

Women want to build muscle, but they don't want to bulk up. There is a way to build lean muscle with bodyweight training. You can even build it better and faster than you would with weightlifting.

Instead of spending hours straining and lifting, you only spend minutes - but you end up with better results. So forget doing all of those numerous reps you were told would build your body.

Those just don't get the job done. If you were to compare weightlifting to bodyweight training, you'll see a marked difference. This difference is found in the area of how the muscles are built.

When you build muscle with weightlifting, you're forcing your body to rely on the weights or on the machines that you use. You're losing out on something that can help you build muscle.

With bodyweight training, your body is the workout machine. The success of using this method - and not weights - is found in the resistance that your body has when you perform certain moves.

With bodyweight training, you can just use your body. You do have the ability to add tools that contribute to even higher resistance, but they don't do the work for you like machines or weights do.

One of these aids is a set of resistance bands. If you use specific bodyweight exercises, you can target the muscle groups individually or you can work them as a whole.

With The Muscle Experiment, you can learn how to use bodyweight training to pack on hard muscle. Maybe better abs is what you're after. Building a 6 pack is good - but building an 8 pack is even better.

If you want the coveted 8 pack abs that not many people know how to get, the program will show you how to do that. As a big plus for you, you won't have to do a mind numbing amount of exercise to get those hard abs.

Bodyweight training is more than just working out. It's also knowing the best foods that can help keep your metabolism up. This system can give you that - as well as meal plans that will help guide you to the best foods to eat.

You even get an anabolic calorie counter with the program so that the calorie load you need is easy to figure. You'll also get a progress tracker to log your fitness accomplishments.


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