Thursday, March 10, 2016

[Video] 15-Minute Cardio Core Challenge Workout

You may hate sit-ups (really, who doesn't?), but neglecting core strength can put a serious crimp in your fitness. Not only will a weak core throw off your balance and your posture, but it can also lead to injury. If your ab and back muscles are not strong (and equal strength is important to provide balance to your muscles), you can literally hurt yourself doing simple activities from running, to gardening, to taking the groceries out of the car!

This short workout will challenge your core muscles - from all of your different ab groups, to your glutes and lower back as well - with fast, fun exercises that provide balanced strengthening and toning (no sit-ups here)! This quick, fast-paced workout will also give you a great cardio challenge.

Okay, grab a mat, and let's get that core in shape before it's time for spring yard work!

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