Thursday, March 17, 2016

[Video] 10-Minute Hard Core Workout

This 10-minute core workout will definitely get your core working hard - yes, you WILL be sore tomorrow!

A strong core is important for balance, posture, and injury prevention, and this workout will definitely help you to build your core muscles fast. 

From all of your ab muscles, including those waist-shaping obliques, to your glutes and lower back, this workout will challenge and strengthen your entire core, providing balance and stability to your whole body, improving your posture, and helping prevent injury during running, other workouts, or just your regular daily activities.

This is not an easy workout, so go slow, maintain proper form, and listen to your body! Be sure to keep your abs tight to protect your lower back, especially during any extension exercise. 

Do this one at least twice a week for ongoing core shaping and strengthening benefits.

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