Thursday, June 30, 2016

[Video] Total Body Toning Functional Strength Training Workout

Functional fitness is all about strengthening key areas of the body that help you to perform everyday activities without injury. If you've ever reached into your car for a bag of groceries and had a back spasm, or stretched up to get something off a shelf and tweaked your shoulder, you know how easy it can be to injure yourself if your body isn't fit and strong.

Performing regular exercise and stretching can help keep your muscles flexible and prevent injury, but it's also important to keep your muscles strong and toned, so they will be able to handle unexpected demands such as shoveling snow, wrestling with the grandkids, or having a water balloon fight in the back yard!

This workout will take you through a series of exercises designed to strengthen and tone key areas of the body, while taking your body through its entire range of motion to loosen tight muscles and increase flexibility. Many of the exercises mimic common daily movements such as climbing stairs, reaching down to pick something up, or squatting. There is also a focus on core muscles, which are important for maintaining spine stability and keeping your whole body in alignment. This is a bodyweight workout, so you can do it at home, and no equipment is required. All you need is a mat or folded blanket.

Stay in shape and enjoy your life without pain by building a fit, strong body!

Here's the workout (you will need to do a brief warmup first, as the video does not include one):

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