Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Fun Workout Idea: Kickboxing for Fitness

If you’re looking for a new type of workout, why not consider kickboxing? Kickboxing offers an intense cardio workout. It also strengthens and tones your muscles from head to toe. It’s a full body workout that provides great weight loss benefits. Plus it really helps let off some steam, so it feels great!

English: Naples, Italy (Mar. 29, 2004) - Lt. D...Image via WikipediaJust What is Kickboxing?

Kickboxing is a stand up form of martial arts that involves kicking and punching. It’s often taught as a form of self defense. There are competitive kickboxing organizations. However, you can also find kickboxing classes at your local gym and fitness club. It’s a fun, sweaty and powerful way to get in shape.

A basic kickboxing class involves an instructor playing music and calling out sequences. For example, right kick, right kick, left punch. You’ll generally punch a punching bag however you may also work in teams and kick and punch a pad held by your partner. And sometimes you will do more cardio-based workouts which don't involve a bag.

Kickboxing At Home

If you prefer the convenience and privacy of a home-based workout you can also enjoy the heart pounding benefits of kickboxing in your own home. And you don’t need a punching bag to enjoy the workout and the results.

form_side.jpgImage via WikipediaA home workout involves punching, kicking and power moves. It’s a great stand alone fitness program. Kickboxing provides endurance, cardio and strength training benefits. It also provides flexibility and fat burning benefits.

When working out at home, do wear proper footwear. You want to be able to jump, spin and kick with confidence. Simple athletic shoes or cross training shoes will be more than sufficient.

Be sure to check back Thursday for a great kickboxing workout you can do at home!

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