Saturday, June 16, 2012

Video - Fun Kids Game of Crazyball

Here is a short 6-minute video of a fun game you can play with your kids with just a ball and a wall. It can be played against an inside or outside wall, a garage, or even a fence. It's great exercise, and she gives helpful tips for exercising with kids throughout, including stretching at the end. Keep in mind that, as she mentions, kids naturally exercise in short bursts - so you don't need or want to really make them exercise hard for long periods of time. It won't be fun anymore, and it's really hard on the body too (this goes for adults as well, which is why we so often emphasize the benefits of interval training). Have fun, and let them exercise at their own pace.

Check out the video, and feel free of course to improvise and make up your own rules and variations!

Fun kids game - crazyball with
Youth Fitness. This is an excellent game to play with your child for cardio, speed and hand eye coordination

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