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Seven Fitness Tips To Improve the Quality of Your Life

Physical fitness refers to the human body's ability to function without too much fatigue. Thus the energy stored is enough to do leisure activities as well as overcome physical stresses with alertness and vigor. General alertness, muscular endurance and strength, and cardiovascular reliability are the obvious signs that you are physically fit. 

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Normally, physical fitness is measured according to expected functions of the body associated with endurance, strength, coordination, flexibility, and agility.  Moreover, stress testing also ascertains the fitness of the body to endure difficult or physically stressful tasks.

Physical fitness levels are enhanced and maintained by systematic, regular exercise. Moderate activities keep your body at the level required to deal with ordinary tasks. Improving your fitness level will require more  intensive exercises to challenge your body and promote positive change..

Here are seven fitness tips that can help you improve the quality of your life and health:

1.    Daily exercise. Every day perform some type of movement that elevates the rate of your heart. This can be as simple as walking quickly while grocery shopping, going for a short jog, or even just doing household chores like washing clothes, mowing the lawn, or gardening.

2.    Eat more veggies. Vegetables and fruits will keep you energized and healthy. Plants in their natural state contain lots of fiber and nutrients. Organic fruits and vegetables are preferred if possible since they contain fewer harmful chemicals and have been proven to be more nutritious as well. (Shop at a local farmer's market or join a CSA to get the best deals and freshest produce.)

3.    Weight train. Muscle fibers tend to grow weaker as you age. Do resistance training to create hypertrophy. This helps you look younger and adds more quality to your life.

4.    Circuit train. Circuit training is a form of weight training which enables you to continually move from one muscle group to another through a series of exercises. Following this practice can improve your heart rate during the whole workout which increases your cardiovascular capacity while toning the whole body.

5.    Train functionally. Incorporate some movements into your daily exercise which benefit or mimic your common movements in the actual world.  Sports are good for functional training because the body is required to move in an efficient way. Functional training can keep your body balanced making it more resistant to illnesses and injuries.

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6.    Stretch your body as you warm up. When you do resistance training, this makes your muscles smaller and tighter, and can lead to injury if your muscles aren't properly warmed up first. Stretching the muscle fibers helps maintain flexibility and also warm up the muscles. Stretching is also helpful after exercising, as it lengthens the fibers and keeps you from getting stiff after your muscles have cooled.

7.    Hydrate. The human body is more than 60% water. Often people think they are drinking plenty throughout the day, but many common beverages actually contribute to dehydration. If you drink a lot of coffee, soda, alcohol, or tea, you'll want to be sure you are ALSO drinking plenty of water - these other beverages don't provide adequate hydration for your body, and in fact actually rob your body of needed water. Be sure that regardless of what else you drink, you are still getting at least eight glasses per day of plain water. 

These are just a few simple strategies to keep your body fit. Making exercise a priority can help you feel better and more energetic, as well as help you lead a longer and healthier life. So it's definitely worth the time to make exercise a habit your daily routine. Your body - and your family - will thank you.

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  1. physical fitness is indeed a valuable part of the holistic living lifestyle. without proper fitness, one cannot live holistically. this post brings in the different tips on how to achieve good fitness. it is the best solution for all who seek for a quality lifestyle.thanks for these nice tips!i have linked your blog here: http://www.holisticwayofline.com/7-fitness-tips-to-help-you-live-holistically/

  2. Thanks for the comment and the link! Health indeed is the cornerstone to a quality and holistically balanced life, and fitness is a big part of that.