Saturday, June 15, 2013

Video - Ab-Trimming Yoga Workout

This 10-minute yoga workout features poses and exercises focused on strengthening and tightening your core muscles to trim that waist and strengthen your midsection. The awesome thing about yoga is that it actually works your entire body, even while focusing on certain areas, so your whole body can get stronger and leaner even just in a short workout. Do this a couple of times a week to build a strong core and back, improve your posture, and flatten your abs. Some of these exercises are fairly challenging, so be sure to use the modifications where suggested if you need to, and be careful of your lower back if you have had problems in that area. Once you get your core stronger, you'll be able to do the full versions of the exercises.

Yoga Abs Workout
This ab workout is designed to strengthen and shrink your midsection using core-focused yoga moves to define trimmer, tighter abs.

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