Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tip #7: Buy Something to Get Yourself In The Game

A great way to get motivated before setting out to start a new exercise regimen is to buy a few new things to get you motivated as you begin. Some new exercise clothing, shoes, or weights in a color you like might be a fun little way to get you motivated.

There are also tons of great and fun exercise DVDs that can motivate you with great music and guidance throughout your workout. Whatever your interests - from yoga to kickboxing to belly dance, there's a great exercise DVD out there for everyone! Usually for just a few bucks you can accumulate a collection of different workout videos you enjoy, so you'll always have a fun variety of exercise routines to choose from.

Visit http://www.newholisticliving.com/exercise.html for some fun ones that we enjoy - maybe you will too!

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