Thursday, August 29, 2013

Video - Fun Family Exercise Idea with Toddlers

This week we don't have an actual workout for you, but this video was so cute I just had to share! Working out when you have your hands full with little kids isn't always easy, but if you just use your imagination and involve them in the activity as much as they would like to be, you'll find that not only are they having fun with exercise, but you're having more fun as well!

As you can see by the example in this video, exercise for kids isn't WORK - it's PLAY!  They will jump right in and try to do whatever you do, and in doing so, they'll bring the fun and enjoyment back to your exercise routine as well. Don't worry about exactly what you're going to do - just get outside like this family did, and try a few fun moves, yoga poses, jumping jacks or jump rope, or just run around in circles together! Toddlers and kids under 5 will be completely happy just doing this for a little while, and you'll get a good workout in too, even though it might not be as structured as a regular gym routine.

Make your exercise into play, and it won't feel like so much of a "workout" anymore!

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