Thursday, October 24, 2013

Video: Flexibility & Range of Motion - Beginner Yoga Set

This short video gives you a great flexibility workout in under 10 minutes. It is suitable for beginners, but also a great way to stretch and increase your range of motion for any level of fitness, especially if you are not very flexible. Focus on breathing into the stretch to oxygenate your muscles and increase your joint flexibility gradually. She moves fairly quickly, but the moves are quite simple, so shouldn't be too challenging. Remember don't push yourself too far - flexibility is developed slowly - not all at once.

Do this short routine daily and watch your flexibility increase dramatically in just a few weeks! This is also a great way to warm up and stretch for a few minutes before a more strenuous workout.

Flexibility and Range of Motion | Beginner Yoga With Tara Stiles
Today I'm going to show you basic moves to get you started opening ...

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