Thursday, March 6, 2014

Video: Fat-Burning Cardio & Pilates Combo Workout

This awesome workout combines intervals of fat-burning cardio moves with strengthening and toning Pilates exercises for a full-body workout that meets all your daily requirements of both cardiovascular exercise and strength-building.*  It's fast, fun, and challenging, and the interval format boosts metabolism and eliminates boredom!

No equipment is necessary, although you can intensify some of the exercises using a set of dumbells if desired.

A warmup is not included, but due to the format of this workout, you can just ease into it and use the first couple of sets as a warmup. There is a 10-second break between each exercise for transition and rest. There are also a couple of active rest breaks throughout the workout.

(* Note: As with all exercise programs, if necessary, consult your doctor before beginning, especially if you are at a low fitness level.)

Fat Burning HIIT Pilates Workout - 35 Minute Pilates and HIIT Cardio Blend
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