Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Is Trail Running Right For You?

There are many fun and interesting places to run. Each runner has their own running goals, preferences, and style. Some need quick convenience and a jog around the neighborhood is ideal. Some prefer to run indoors on a treadmill and some love to run in nature – on trails. Spring - when it's not too hot and not too cold - is a great time to try outdoor forms of running, such as train running.

Trail Running Is...

Trail running is exactly what it sounds like, running on trails. Most often the trails are hiking trails. They can also be shared with mountain bikers and animals. There are many benefits to running on trails. The biggest benefit of course may be the scenery. All across the country there are beautiful trails. Some wind through the woods, over hills and next to rivers. Others give you a beautiful view of the ocean. Whether you enjoy fields, mountains, water scenes or the woods there are trails for you to enjoy.

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Another common benefit of trail running is that it is peaceful. Many trails are in isolated areas and you may not pass another runner while you’re out. This can be a downside too because it presents a potential danger. It’s recommended that you run with personal protection spray and a cell phone. Always make sure someone knows where you are going and when you’ll be back.

Trails are often much softer than running on cement, asphalt, and a treadmill base. Dirt and small gravel is easy to run on. However, if the trail is rocky then you will have to pay careful attention to your footing. You don’t want to sprain an ankle or fall while you’re running.

Trail Running is Right for You If…

Trail running is ideal for people who enjoy long runs. If you like to get out for a few hours to experience nature then running on your local trails may be an ideal escape. If you enjoy variety on your runs, trail running provides that as well. During inclement weather the trails can become dicey. If you enjoy an adventure and a challenge then trail running may be your cup of tea. During the winter months you may want to strap traction devices to your trail running shoes.

Speaking of trail running shoes, if you’re running on rough trails then you may want to swap your traditional running shoes with shoes that offer more stability and traction. If you’re a barefoot or minimalist runner there are also a few good minimal trail running shoes on the market.

If you enjoy running, consider adding one trail run to your weekly routine. It’s a fun way to spend a few hours. You’ll experience nature and get in shape at the same time - what could be better than that?

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