Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Breathing & Relaxation Helps Athletes & Public Speakers

One of the benefits that most people find when they begin doing yoga is they learn to breathe correctly in a manner that can bring about a calmness and total relaxation almost instantly. I know this is a benefit that I have found that I was not expecting! Learning to breathe took a while, but it is an amazing benefit that most people don't think about when they begin a yoga practice.

The more yoga you do, provided you are getting good instruction, the better you will become at this and it will help you to remain calm in situations where you would have previously felt stressed.

Public speaking is one of the greatest fears that most people have and many public speaking courses combine relaxation methods into their training as this helps to eliminate or at least control the fear that can overcome people when expected to speak in front of strangers. By remaining calm and in control, the fear of speaking will generally subside and the reality of the situation will be a lot easier to accept and control.

Simply breathing correctly will induce a feeling of calm that will often be sufficient to help a person through a public speaking engagement with ease.

It has been noted that those people who perform yoga exercises on a regular basis are calmer and can control explosive or unsettling situations better than those who have not used any form of relaxation or stress relieving techniques.

Yoga has also helped many professional athletes to perform at their best by eliminating the tension and anxiety that they feel before sporting events. In all sports, optimum performance requires that you remain as relaxed as possible at all times, and yoga is just the ticket for helping you to achieve that state of mind and body.

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Once again correct breathing techniques will help to calm the mind and the body and help the sportsperson to focus on their event in a relaxed manner and achieve optimum results.

The additional benefit of a more strong and supple body also goes a long way in the prevention of injuries for athletes.

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