Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Review: FitDesk 2.0 Folding Exercise Bike With Massage Bar

Home exercise equipment is a growing market. People are growing increasingly concerned about personal health and well-being, and are seeking ways to ensure they get enough exercise. But people are also concerned about the economy and are trying to cut their costs. Home exercise equipment allows people to drop their gym membership and still get a decent workout at home, meaning they save money on expensive gym fees.

This isn’t the only problem people face though. As we've been discussing this month, for many people who spend their time sitting in a chair and getting very little exercise on a daily basis it can be hard to meet the demands of bodily health with work commitments. That’s why products like the FitDesk 2.0 are gaining in popularity. They offer fitness equipment with a built-in work station, meaning you can actually work at your job or desk while you stay healthy.

The FitDesk 2.0 is much like an exercise bike, although it’s not a recumbent device. This allows you to sit upright with a good posture as you work at the built-in work surface. But is this product any good, or does it fall short of its aims? Let’s take a closer look to find out.

Key Features Of The FitDesk 2.0

RRP: $239.99
Dimensions: 28 x 16 x 45 inches
Weight: 45 lbs
Desk Surface Dimensions: 18 X 19 inches
Warranty: 1 year

FitDesk 2.0: The Pros

Be Fit And Stay Productive: The whole point of equipment like the FitDesk is to combine your workspace with fitness equipment. This is perfect for those who work from home and struggle to find the time to keep fit. It’s especially good for those who have jobs that require you to be seated for the majority of the day – such as any computer-based job.

So if you are chained to the desk, it can be really hard to get any exercise at all. Sure you could work out after you’re done for the day, but sometimes that’s not enough, and sometimes you’ll have other commitments. Products like this take away the dilemma.

This machine functions like an exercise bike. You pedal with various resistance settings to improve your cardiovascular health and strengthen your legs. But the big difference is that there’s a work surface built into this machine. So you can sit on it and pedal while you get on with paperwork or place a laptop on the surface and get on with your emails. This allows you to be more efficient with your time and keep up your productivity even as you get fit.

Compact: Another great thing about the FitDesk 2.0 is that it’s very compact. Not only is it’s footprint pretty small, meaning that it can be set up in small places, but it’s also able to fold away. This means it can be stored in small areas and doesn’t have to be left out all the time. If you’re living in a small apartment where space is at a premium, this is a great advantage, and really makes the FitDesk an excellent choice.

Price: At around $300 (less on Amazon.com) the FitDesk 2.0 is pretty affordable. It falls at the lower end of the price range, with many similar products coming in at around $1,000, and a handful coming in slightly cheaper than this. But for the money this is a good solid product. It won’t break the bank so it’s affordable for most, helping you if you’re trying to stick to a budget and keep your costs low.

Massage Rollers: The FitDesk 2.0 has conveniently placed massage rollers. These allow you to relieve strained wrists after extended periods of typing. If you often find your wrists getting tired and uncomfortable, the massage rollers can alleviate the discomfort and help to prevent wrist injury.

Squeeze Grips: This machine also has built-in squeeze grips. These allow you to develop grip strength as you work, and can alleviate stress in a way similar to a stress ball. There are also resistance bands built-in so you can do some upper body resistance exercise whilst sat at the machine.

Quiet: The FitDesk 2.0 runs quietly. Some machines generate a lot of noise which can be distracting and also interfere with others in the house. If you like to watch TV as you exercise this can also be a problem. You won’t have any issues with this machine though.

Sturdy: All machines benefit from being sturdy, but it’s especially important when you’re going to work on a desk that’s attached to the machine. Whether you’re sorting papers, writing or using a laptop it’s important that your work surface remains stable at all times. The FitDesk 2.0 does this nicely.

FitDesk 2.0: The Cons

Weight Limit: The weight limit of the FitDesk is 250 pounds. That will cover most people, but definitely not all. Some home exercise equipment goes up to 300 pounds or even beyond and that’s desirable, especially when the product is targeted at people who have sedentary desk-oriented lifestyles. It’s a shame this machine can’t support heavier users.

Assembly: The assembly of this product isn’t all that tricky in itself, but the instructions that guide you are poor. Good instructions would make this a breeze, but as it is those who aren’t mechanically minded might find the assembly frustrating.

No Bottle Holder: This is a fairly minor issue, but the lack of bottle holder is a disappointment. It would be helpful for those using this while working for extended periods of time who don't want to risk spilling drinks on the desk while working.

Is The FitDesk 2.0 Worth Buying?
There’s very little wrong with the FitDesk 2.0, certainly nothing significant that I've heard about. And it’s reasonably priced too. If you’re on a budget and tight for space in your home this is a great choice for getting more exercise while working, watching TV, writing, or other typically sedentary activities.

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