Tuesday, May 12, 2015

5 Running Tips for Beginning & Advanced Runners

Running is a great sport that offers something for almost everyone.  Regardless of whether you are running for health or competition, you can run for a few miles or a few hours – there are even races which last a few days!  However, regardless of how or why you run there are a few tips that apply to just about everyone.

Tip #1:  Start Small.  Rome wasn’t built in a day, and deciding to hit the road and run ten miles when you’ve not run nine, eight, seven, six, or fewer miles is a sure way to injure yourself.  Not only that but if you decide to just hit the road without any prior training or buildup you may end up unable to accomplish your goal and end up feeling bad about yourself.  Not what running is about at all!

English: a "low profile" sole provid...
A "low profile" sole provides greater stability. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Tip #2:  Don’t Neglect Proper Running Gear.  That includes running bras for the women, support shorts for the men, and well fitting running shoes all around.  Well fitting running shoes are worth their weight in gold and can prevent injuries and needless pain. (Stay tuned later this month for some tips on picking the right pair for you.)

Tip #3: Take Steps to Stay Motivated.  Some people are motivated by running with groups.  The social aspect of it makes the time more enjoyable and they push themselves more if they’re running with others.  Other people are motivated by running by themselves and simply enjoy the quiet time.  Some are motivated by small progression in speed and/or distance, while others long to compete and will be motivated by signing up for an upcoming race.  Find your motivation!

Tip #4:  Run When It’s Right for You.  Often when people get started running they try to squeeze extra time into the day by getting up early and running then.  That’s great if you’re a morning person however if you’re not a morning person then getting up early is going to be pure torture.  Rather than trying to force yourself to be something you’re not, run when it feels right for you.  That can be at lunch, or after work in the evening if the timing is better for your mind and body. 

Running in snow on the Top Gear Test Track
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Tip #5:  Know That Some Days Are Better Than Others.  While it would be great if every run were better than the last one and every run felt great, that’s just not reality.  Whether the weather is crummy, or you just don't feel like running, some days it’s just difficult to put one foot in front of the other.  When you get out and run on those tough days and manage to complete it, those are the days to really be proud of yourself.

Finally, and yes the article says top 5 tips, but there’s one last tip that is vital to your success – stay hydrated and remember to pay attention to your nutrition.  If you’re running for more than 60 minutes you will want to take water with you and always consume a high protein snack when you return.  It’ll help your muscles recover more quickly which means less muscle pain for you the next day.

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