Friday, November 27, 2015

[Video] Crazy Intense 10-Minute Fat Blasting Workout

We let you off the hook yesterday, since we figured you'd be busy cooking and enjoying time with family and friends, but we're not letting you off the hook when it comes to staying fit through the holidays! You probably ingested at least a few extra calories yesterday, so today we're back with a super intense fat burning workout that WILL make you sweat and burn off some of those rolls and pie you ate!

This home fat burning workout is perfect for those who have always wondered how to burn fat fast but were stuck in the mindset of thinking that traditional steady state cardio was the answer. In fact, because of the involvement of multiple muscle groups that this workout provides over plain treadmill walking or running, you can expect to burn more calories per minute than you would otherwise. In fact, if you do this one a few times over the next few weeks, you'll have a great head start on keeping off the holiday pounds! Give it your best for these 10 minutes and you’ll see that your energy expenditure and caloric burn can be significant.

This high intensity home fat burning workout can be performed with absolutely no equipment and in very little space, so even if you're staying with family this holiday, you can still squeeze in a workout - no excuses!

Now, let's kick some fat butt!  :-)

Please Note: This is a high-intensity workout! You should consult with your doctor or personal trainer before attempting this workout, especially if you are at a low fitness level. Always listen to your body, and pay attention to proper form when performing each exercise to avoid injury.

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