Saturday, April 14, 2012

Video - Weight Loss Interval Workout

Here is a quick video showing some great exercises for a circuit training workout that will get you strong and toned, and burn off the pounds quick. Yuri is one of our favorite health and fitness experts, as he approaches things from a whole-body perspective, instead of just isolated components. Interval training with exercises of different intensities "tricks" your body into burning more fat faster, and in fact the fat-burning effects last hours longer than a steady-pace workout like running on a treadmill or riding a stationary bike. Check this out for some great ideas, and visit the website below if you want to learn more about this type of weight loss training.

Weight Loss Workout | Circuit Training - give this weight loss workout a shot and experience the Fitter U circuit training difference. With workouts like these you'll lose weight faster than ever before!

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