Saturday, November 10, 2012

Video - Cardio Dance Workout from Dirty Dancing

This fast-paced cardio dance workout is based on the movie Dirty Dancing. It's a lot of fun, but for the un-coordinated like me it may be a bit challenging at first. Just follow along at your own pace a couple of times, and once you pick it up you can really get into it - when you get to do the whole routine at the end it's so much fun! This will really get you moving and get that heart rate up - and you'll feel pretty awesome when you can dance like Baby!  :-)

Check it out, and have fun!

Dirty Dancing "Yes" Workout
Dirty Dancing "Yes" Workout is a fat-burning, dance-inspired cardio exercise that uses official dance steps and music from the hit movie, Dirty Dancing. Sculpt a lean dancer's body and melt away the extra pounds as you learn to move like Baby and Joh...

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