Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Should You Join A Gym In The New Year?

When starting a new exercise program or attempting to continue an old one, it can be hard to decide on whether or not to get fit from the comfort of your own home or incorporate yourself into the gym fitness scene. These questions/tips should help you to decide if you should join a gym in the New Year.

If You Join A Gym

1. Where Is It? Try to find a place that is close to your home or work. You can toss a gym bag in your car and have no excuse to not be able to hit the gym.

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2. Do They Offer Free Trials? Most gyms offer a free or discounted trial membership. If they do not, ask what the daily rate is and if they would discount that off of a membership if you should decide to join.

3. How Much Does It Cost? Most gyms charge a sign up fee and a monthly fee. Some plans include all gym activities including classes and others make you pay for certain classes or amenities separately. Get a cost breakdown before joining.

4. What Are Their Hours? If a gym opens late or closes early, it will be almost impossible to work out. If they close on the weekends, you also cut out the chance of doing additional routines or “make up” exercise time.

5. Are There Trainers Available? Of course you can figure out how to use most exercise machine, but having trainers on hand can help you get the most out of your fitness routine.

If You Do Not Join A Gym

1. Make Time to Exercise: Make sure you dedicate a specific time of day or night to your exercise routine and stick to it. Set an alarm so you will not forget.

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2. Do Your Research: Start off with exercise videos and follow the instructions for proper form. It does not matter for how long you exercise if you are doing it incorrectly. Improper form can yield little or no results - or even worse, lead to injury.

3. Invest In Equipment: Aerobic and beginner exercises, and many specialized forms of exercise like yoga, can be done without any special equipment. If you want to get the most out of your workout, you'll probably need to eventually at least invest in a set of good hand weights or resistance bands.

4. Do Not Get Distracted: Do not try and exercise in front of the TV or while trying to do something else like cooking or laundry. Fitness time should be set aside for just that and nothing else.

There are lots of available DVDs and other resources if you decide to exercise at home. Just make sure you follow the tips above so that you stay on track with your exercise plan, since you may feel less accountable than if you are paying for a gym membership.

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