Thursday, July 24, 2014

Video: Slow Burn Muscle-Building Exercise - Side Shoulder Raises

One of the best ways to build muscle and strength is using the "Slow Burn" method, as demonstrated in this video. While it may sound like this is a long, arduous workout, in fact, the slow burn method only takes a few minutes a week, and can build muscle mass as well as functional strength quite quickly. (A few minutes per week??  That's here for a short introduction to this method.)

The trick is to use a heavy enough weight, and go very slowly, but only for a few reps. Slow burn exercise focuses not necessarily on the heaviness of the weight, but on the use and control of the weight. Working slowly means you are controlling the weight you are lifting, putting tension on the muscle at all times, instead of just using momentum to swing it (which is much less effective for building strength and muscle, and also more likely to cause injury).

See this video for an example, and for more on the Slow Burn method, see resources below.

Learn More About Slow Burn Fitness

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