Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Night Time Running Tips – How to Run Safely In the Dark

Sometimes you have to run in the dark. Whether you get up early in the morning or you run when you get home at night, darkness may be your reality. There are many dangers to running in the dark. Follow these safety tips to enjoy an incident-free run.

#1. Wear Reflective Gear

You really can’t go overboard with this. Find shoes, tights or shorts, and tops or jackets with reflective features. Consider running with a reflective vest. A headlamp or a flashlight is a good idea too. They actually make flashing lights that can attach to a hip pack or waist band as well. These are a good idea if you’re running in a trafficked area.

#2. Run in a Well Lit Area

English: HTC night running
HTC night running (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Running in the dark on a dimly lit path or street is a bad idea for many reasons. It’s too easy to get hit by bicycles or cars in the darkness. It’s also easy to trip and fall or twist an ankle in the dark. And people who intend to do others harm often choose dimly lit trails and sidewalks to attack.

#3. Rules of The Road

If you’re running in the road, meaning you’re dealing with traffic, then there are a few hard and fast rules to obey. The first is to run on the shoulder. If there isn’t a shoulder then don’t run on that road. The wider the shoulder, the better. Don’t run in bike paths. They’re for bikes. And do run against traffic. You want to be able to see the cars coming at you, not have them at your back.

#4. Change it Up

If you always run the same dark path at the same time you may be making yourself more vulnerable to an attack. Some people prey on lone runners. They learn your patterns and then take advantage. Mix it up and vary your routine.

#5. Run with Others

If you are running at night or in the darkness, try to run with other people. There really is safety in numbers.

Finally, be sure to carry a cell phone, personal protection spray, and emergency contact information. These three things may save your life. You just never know when something might happen. The darkness shouldn’t keep you from running and getting in shape. However, be smart about it. Know your surroundings, be prepared, and stay aware of the potential dangers. 

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