Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Triathlon Training Tips - Part 2

Last week we shared a few tips for getting started training for a triathlon. Today we're wrapping up with some specific tips for each part of the race:


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Training for the annual Ironman World Championship triathlon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
For swimming, experts recommend 30 minute laps on one day and then 45 minute lap sessions on another day. Laps should be done at a consistent pace without stopping.


One day should be dedicated to a long bike ride, at least 60 to 90 minutes.

Run Speed Training

Then there is speed work for the run portion. Trainer Cardona recommends doing runs that include speed work and also uphill runs to improve strength and technique.

A week of training is topped off with a 5k tempo run, performed at both a consistent and fast pace. The main race speed portion should be about 20 minutes of the workout, but, you should increase the time spent at race pace each week until you're able to run the entire race distance at that pace.

Keep your training regular so you don’t lose the benefits of your previous workouts, but, do so in a pace and regularity that your body’s current abilities allow.

Strength training

Cardona also recommends those in training to perform strength exercises on the same days as swimming training is performed. The workouts should target full body conditioning, and work those muscles most needed for the event.

The moves he recommends are lat pull downs, shoulder presses, and lateral raises. For the legs, good workouts include, leg extensions and hamstring curls. Core workouts are also important, such as planks and v-ups.

Unlike body builders, those training for a triathlon do not want to build bulk - strength and tone is what is needed, and therefore, it is best to train with 3 sets of 10 reps for each lift.

Supply your body with the right kind of fuel

If you think that hard core cross-training is all there is to triathlon training, think again. Whether you’re doing a sprint triathlon or Ironman, your training will push your body to the max. You will be burning more energy during training than most people do for an entire day, so, you need the right fuel to keep you going.

Develop a healthy meal plan that will give you maximum energy to endure your training. Avoid eating processed food and binging on energy drinks because the unhealthy ingredients and chemicals in these food items will weaken your immune system and slow down your recovery time.

Nevertheless, take it easy on the protein, as you are training as a triathlete and not a bodybuilder. Focus on having plenty of whole foods like, vegetables and fruits, whole grains and grass-fed meats in your diet and make sure to incorporate complex carbs for energy before workouts and hydrating liquids after to replenish the body.

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Ironman Australia swim finish line. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Acclimate to your new lifestyle

Participating in a triathlon should not be a one-off thing, even if for now you do train just to have a shot at your first triathlon. Being on top of your game often requires serious commitment, so, it is best to develop an attitude that a triathlon is actually a lifestyle sport.

If you aren’t already living the life of a sportsman, embrace the fact that you should, as it will facilitate life-long success in either this sport, or any others you may participate in, like marathons.

From changing your sleeping habits in order to ensure that you have enough time and energy to go through your training, to specifically planning out your day to ensure enough room for daily workouts to developing commitment and passion to be a good athlete, accept the fact that training for a triathlon will change your lifestyle.

Participating in a triathlon can be a rewarding experience, as it can bring great physical and mental benefits, just be sure to do it right and your hard work will be rewarded with a more fit and healthy body, and a more positive outlook on life and your abilities!

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