Thursday, July 16, 2015

[Video] Triathlon Strength Training Workout

This short video demonstrates a great strength training workout to help get you in shape for your next triathlon!  This should be done along with your regular training in each category to help build strength in the muscles you will need for the swimming, running, and bicycling segments.

If you're not a triathlete, this is just a great strength training workout to include in your regular workout routine! This workout works your entire body, from legs, to core, to upper body as well.

Please note that this video is just a demonstration of the exercises and not the full workout. Once you view each exercise, the proper form, and the number of reps, you will need to pause the video to complete the reps on your own. The entire workout should take about 30 minutes. You will need a mat, a set of hand weights, and an exercise ball.

Now let's work out!

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