Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Benefits of Pairing Bodyweight Training with Pilates

Bodyweight training is a method of exercising that takes less time, but produces better muscle definition than hours spent working out with other methods. You don't have to take part in countless repetitions and you don't have to spend money on exercise machines that you don't need.

Don't believe that myth that all of the ads say - telling you that you have to spend months at the gym to get a great looking figure. Many of these ads are paid for by gyms, so of course they're going to push a long-term membership.

Bodyweight training is simple because it takes exercise back to the basics. It's just you and your body - that's all you need. It's often hard to find the time to exercise - even if you have good intentions of doing exactly that.

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With all of the responsibilities that you have, you just don't have that much time left over. It's understandable that you'd want to spend the time relaxing (or with your family) instead of working out.

But with bodyweight training, you don't have to choose between something you want to do and exercise. It only takes a few minutes, not hours, to get into shape. You can use your own body's resistance - and if you want to - items like a Boku ball that can enhance your body's resistance.

Bodyweight training is great for problem areas that other exercise methods fail to address. If you've been trying to exercise and work out a certain area of your body, but don't see changes, there's a reason.

Most exercise routines don't produce visible changes. They don't, because your body gets used to the routine that you're doing. So even if you're churning out 100 sit-ups, you're not going to see the ab changes you're looking to get.

That can all stop if you're doing bodyweight training in something like the 45-Day Pilates Melt Down. With this system, you can do bodweight workouts with a Pilates emphasis.

It means that you get to burn fat and gain lean muscle with one workout system. Best of all, you don't have to do hundreds of reps to get there. And there are additional benefits.

Using Pilates helps stimulate the feel good endorphins. This helps keep your moods up and helps you deal with stress. Stress is one of the leading factors in overeating or in comfort eating.

With this system, you get guidance on two separate levels. One is for beginners and one is for people already accustomed to exercising who are familiar with Pilates. The six weeks of this system includes the foundation, the core and the sculpting phase.

The 45-Day Pilates Meltdown Program

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