Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hot Workout Trend: CrossFit - What Is It?

Amongst burgeoning fitness trends you’re sure to hear about a growing trend with strength training and fitness. It’s called Cross Fit and while it isn’t new (the first CrossFit was opened in 1995) it is a growing trend. More gyms are opening up all around the country and more people are learning the benefits of this fitness approach.

What is CrossFit?

July 2007 CrossFit Trainer certification, Sant...
July 2007 CrossFit Trainer certification, Santa Cruz, CA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
CrossFit is a strength and conditioning approach that combines several types of fitness activities including weightlifting, plyometrics, medicine ball training, and even gymnastics. The theory behind the creation of CrossFit is that a healthy and fit person should have a proficiency in ten of the general physical skills. These include cardio, endurance, strength, flexibility, speed, agility and balance.

Many police departments, fire departments, and military organizations use CrossFit in their training programs. However, you don’t have to be training for the Special Forces to benefit from a CrossFit program.

What are The Benefits of CrossFit?

CrossFit can help just about anyone develop optimal physical performance and motor development. When you’re focusing on strength, flexibility, speed, and balance your body is going to learn to move better. You’re also going to burn calories and lose weight.

Another primary benefit of CrossFit is that it is infinitely customizable. Anyone can benefit from CrossFit and start a CrossFit program. Whether you’re a seventy year old woman or a twelve year old boy, CrossFit can be customized to fit your needs, skills, and goals.

How to Get Started

CrossFit studios are popping up everywhere. And as demand continues to grow, you will be able to find more facilities. You may also be able to find CrossFit trainers at your local gym or fitness center. Some personal trainers are trained in CrossFit and can help you get started.

Crossfit Basel
Crossfit Basel (Photo credit: Big Titan)
Finally, if those options aren’t available, there are at home options. Many CrossFit studios have online or YouTube workouts. These can be advantageous because you don’t have to travel to the gym. However, proper form is important for many CrossFit exercises. You can also find many good CrossFit DVDs and books.

If you’re starting at home, consider starting with a video. Once you feel as if you have the hang of things, consider consulting with a trainer to make sure you have good form. Initially, no equipment is necessary and you can perform the exercises with your own body weight. As you improve, you may want to add weights and equipment like kettle bells to your workout.
At Home CrossFit Workouts: 
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