Thursday, May 31, 2012

Fun Summer Activity: Water Balloons

In the winter everyone loves a good snowball fight - build a fort and stockpile the snowballs and you are set. Kids AND adults can enjoy this fun game - and get some great exercise at the same time. The same idea can be implemented in the summertime too.  If it’s a nice day, just fill balloons with water and have a balloon war! This can be a fun activity for the kids, but why not join in, yourself, as well? Not only will you have fun, spend some family time with the kids, and get some exercise running around, you'll also get to cool off, too.

Water balloons filled with water and ready for...
Water balloons filled with water and ready for use. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
But if you don’t like the idea of your kids throwing balloons at each other (or at you), there are other
uses for water balloons that are just as fun.
  • Set-up a target and have a competition to see who can hit it the most times.  You can make it a challenge to break the balloon each time or make it harder by setting the rule of hitting the target but not breaking the balloon.
  • Play water balloon baseball; replace the baseball with a water-filled balloon.  Of course the person up at bat is going to get wet if they are able to hit the target.  If a child hits the balloon and it doesn’t burst it is considered a strike.  When the balloon is hit and does burst it is an automatic home run.
  • A simple game of catch can be fun too.  Trying to catch the balloon without bursting it can be hard – see how long one balloon can be tossed before it breaks.  As you are going to get wet, it is best to play any of these games on a hot day (which I don't think there will be any shortage of this summer).
Clean-up after any game that has involved water balloons is very important.  Small children and pets could pick up the small pieces and choke on them.  You can make picking up the most balloon pieces a game at the end for incentive.  Let the kids know that whoever has the most balloons after they are all cleaned up will get a special surprise. Or, give each a different color of balloon and make it their job to pick up all the balloon pieces that are of their color. This will give them another burst of exercise after the balloon fight has ended.

There are endless fun and creative ways to get some exercise into your day during the summer. Just use your imagination, or if you have kids, or family that has some they'll lend you, ask them what they'd like to do outside, and they'll be sure to have some ideas. We'll also be sharing more of these here throughout the season, so be sure to check back for more fun ways to exercise this summer!

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  1. A perfect for my son's upcoming birthday party.

  2. Glad you liked the idea! It's a great fun summer activity for the kids, especially when it's this hot outside, and you don't have a beach or place to swim nearby. Have fun at the party!