Friday, May 25, 2012

Video - 5 Awesome Ab Exercises On The BOSU Ball

Here is a short video with 5 amazing exercises that will get your core in shape fast. We love Yuri's workouts because they're quick and effective, and they work the whole body together as a unit. As you'll see when  you try these, these exercises target the core, but unlike static crunches or situps, they also challenge arms, shoulders, legs, buttocks, upper and lower back, and more.

The BOSU ball makes this more challenging, and also works on balance. If you're just starting out, you can certainly do all of these exercises just on the floor as well, and then work your way up to the ball when you're ready for something harder. As he mentions, this entire core workout will take less than 10 minutes, but you'll sure feel it!

And for more free exercises, be sure to visit the link below the video.

Ab Exercises on the BOSU Ball Core of Steel Ab Workout with Yuri Elkaim

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